These are old, 2 horses are missing a part of the leg and another the tail, some are missing the saddle. .nice collector lot As Is
Only thing missing are the rangers shoots missiles and has the missles lights up they just don't use it asking $10
Asking $5. Has price tag of 12.99 on it from Ollies
Th we 2 boxes one is quite a bit deeper then the other they have a mix of different things, power rangers, transformers, puzzles, handheld games, action figures of all kinds, remote controlled devices, so much more and I added more asking 35 for the bigger one and 25 for the smaller one I'll add better pics tomorrow of each box must take all
Helmets, knee pads, action figures, turtles, power rangers, transformers, games, balls, vehicles galore, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, big, medium, and large all for $35 or $20 each box
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